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United Urban Network Inc.

The United Urban Network, Inc. (UUN) is a Gary, Indiana based not for profit organization. Our networking serves as both a resource directory, and a feeder system to our outreach and pilot mentoring program, with emphasis on the youth. The U.U.N. affiliates are from every background of culture, education, and entertainment with the purpose of providing a valuable service of networking and communication to create a cycle of win-win opportunities which will enhance the lifestyles of the citizens, and our communities


Our vision:  We are the acting catalyst for change, within our communities. We represent no one political or religious agenda. Our beliefs are as diverse in scope, as the areas within the wide spectrum of communities we represent. It is the mission, and the objective, "success for all people as one people", that defines our motto "One Vision, Many Points of View"


Our mission:  To rebuild the legacy of greatness, once honored by our culture and people.  To revive the wisdom of our elders, in order to inspire, direct, and empower our youth.  To help restore our communities and cities, through a networking circle of multicultural affiliations , resources, organizations, and ideas.  To embrace the many, with like minds, to achieve our purpose.


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