Calumet Stewardship Initiative

Southeast Environmental Task Force (SETF)

The Southeast Environmental Task Force (SETF) is dedicated to serving the southeast side and south suburbs of Chicago by promoting environmental education, pollution prevention, and sustainable development.

SETF works to inform and educate all members of the southeast Chicagoland community in areas related to the improvement of local environment. This organization strives for development of residential facilities, green business practices, and the preservation of natural areas that improve the quality of life in the Calumet region. SETF works to improve environmental health, achieve sustainable growth, and support environmental justice on both a regional and national level.  SETF also sponsors workshops and presentations to educate members of our communities about environmental issues across the Calumet region.

We host a series of ecological bus tours that showcase the energy technologies, the industrial and natural areas of the Calumet region. Participants can see firsthand how the years of dumping household, hazardous, and construction waste have impacted the surrounding communities. One can also discover the unique natural areas that border these dumps and see how they have become important wildlife habitat.

In alignment with CSI’s vision for a productive, green, and environmentally sustainable community, SETF believes that southeast Chicago will one day serve as a model for industrial, residential, and ecological integration.

Contact Information:  [email protected]  or (773) 646-0436

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