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South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA)

The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA) has been working to facilitate cooperative efforts in municipal management, planning, public safety and infrastructure, as well as economic development, community relations and fostering diversity though Fair Housing since before 1978. Today, the Association serves 42 municipalities in southern Cook and eastern Will County, representing a population of over 650,000.  Located south of the City of Chicago, the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Assocation (SSMMA) is an intergovernmental agency providing technical assistance and joint services to 42 municipalities representing a population over 650,000 in Cook and Will Counties. SSMMA members work cooperatively on transportation, legislation, land use, economic development, recycling, purchasing, stormwater and open space planning, infastructure, human resources, public safety and housing issues.


The primary mission of the Association is to provide a means by which geographically related municipalities in the area south of Chicago could cooperate to explore and recommend solutions to common municipal problems; to develop, administer and/or foster intergovernmental programs on a voluntary basis; to develop a common voice on municipal positions in the southern suburbs and to communicate these positions as a single voice to the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state and federal government, as well as applicable private organizations; to cooperate with other municipalities, municipal groups and intergovernmental organizations in the Chicago area, the State of Illinois and the United States toward solutions to municipal problems; to provide general governmental assistance to member municipalities; and to improve the economic climate and quality-of-life in the southern suburbs by working with sub-regional and metropolitan wide organizations. 


The Association is well equipped to foster this collaborative effort. Our communities often advantage themselves from our “Suburban Purchasing Cooperative” which provides economy of scale through the combined purchasing power of the participating members, resulting in lower prices for everyone.  Additionally, the Association is experienced in achieving a cooperative spirit among the many member communities. SSMMA has created a South Suburban Brownfield Coalition, created to obtain $200,000 USEPA assessment grants for 5 communities.  The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association’s tradition of cooperative planning and collaborative execution of programs and projects provides an assurance that any intergovernmental effort will be positioned for success and administered professionally and fairly. 


Contact Information:  [email protected] or (708) 922-4670

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