Calumet Stewardship Initiative

Knowledge Hook-Up

Knowledge Hook-Up (KHU) seeks to improve computer literacy and offer internet access to the underserved, low-income community of Southeast Chicago. By helping individuals overcome the digital divide and offering free online classes and instruction, KHU helps empower Southeast Chicago community members.

KHU teaches the benefits of computing for opportunities, convenience, and communications, and hopes that the introduction to the usefulness of technology will be integrated into the participants’ daily lives. Since many of the people who utilize this organization’s resources rarely leave the community, KHU is committed to helping these individuals becoming more involved in the greater Calumet region. As technology grows increasingly more advanced and develops into a leading source of world information, it has become necessary for each of us to become literate with these technologies and be able to develop them for our own use. Computers are now an essential tool that can provide a large part of the fundamental knowledge needed to survive in society.

As a partner in support of CSI, Knowledge Hook-Up provides the resources and education to individuals looking to advance their computing skills. KHU also provides information to community members about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities in the Calumet region. Many of the people who use KHU’s resources have participated in stewardship volunteer events, community garden planning, and public meetings on local environmental issues.

KHU would like to thank all of the volunteers and donors who are helping them to help our community help itself.

Contact Information: [email protected]

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