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Delta Institute

The Delta Institue's long-range vision is a Great Lakes economy that is environmentally sustainable, job rich and inclusive of all residents and communities. Delta is a center of innovation that creates market opportunities to achieve environmental sustainability and economic development.  In partnership with business, government and local communities, we develop and implement practical solutions to build regional economies that are job rich and inclusive. 


The Delta Institute’s mission is to transform the Great Lakes region into a vital center of the Green Economy, and our vision is to make it happen by the year 2020.  We are one of the first organizations in the region to recognize that a healthy environment and a thriving economy go hand in hand.  As genuine “trailblazers,” we have been working at the leading edge of the Green Economy for more than a decade, breaking new ground to accelerate its growth and ensure that every community benefits from its potential.


Our Approach
•    Innovating: developing new approaches and cutting-edge solutions to difficult problems 
•    Sharing:  sparking widespread  transformation by sharing insights and successful models
•    Connecting:  assembling the people, technical resources and funding to succeed
•    Guiding: acting as a independent, trustworthy guide  to the world of sustainability


Delta addresses the full range of economic, environmental and social forces shaping the region’s Green Economy -- from climate change and natural resource conservation, to corporate sustainability and pollution prevention, to green economic development in disadvantaged communities.  Learn more about each of these issues and how we are addressing them by clicking on the links on the left.  Find out more about how our work touches you at Who We Serve or visit the Green Economy Navigator to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.


The Delta Institute’s work is funded through a combination of government and foundation grants, individual donations and earned income. Since 2008, Delta has been fortunate to receive general operating support through a $5 million endowment from the Grand Victoria Foundation.  We generate a substantial part of our budget through fee-for-service consulting and innovative social enterprises responding to emerging market needs. We also receive income by developing and administering mission-related financial programs, including the New Market Tax Credits and PRI loans.


Contact Information:  [email protected]  or (312) 554-0900

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