Calumet Stewardship Initiative

Chicago Park District

The Chicago Park District (CPD) aims to enhance the quality of life in Chicago by creating recreational and leisure opportunities; providing safe, attractive, and accessible parks and facilities; and contributing to the ecological health of the city. Since its formation more than seventy years ago, CPD has continued its tradition of innovative programs and beautifully designed landscapes and facilities.

The Chicago Park District maintains 580 parks and recreational facilities across Chicago, with over 70 of these being in the Calumet region. At these southerly locations, the Calumet Stewardship Initiative (CSI) is a key partner in helping CPD operate as an environmental steward of park land, collaborating on environmental education, ecological restoration projects, and stewardship workdays. CPD volunteers help maintain hundreds of acres within the Calumet region by participating in tree planting, habitat restoration, and trail maintenance, as well as many other activities. Children and adults alike learn about the importance of environmental preservation though guided nature hikes, family camping trips, and a variety of other programs, events, and services.

The Chicago Park District has played an important role in supporting the growth and success of the Calumet Stewardship Initiative. As part of CSI’s stewardship team, the Chicago Park District helps promote, expand, and document citizen conservation and restoration opportunities across the region. By sponsoring various workdays, as well as hosting public forums on parks, open space, and nature, the Chicago Park District helps to advance CSI’s commitment to creating a biodiverse and prosperous region.

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