Calumet Stewardship Initiative

Calumet is My Back Yard (CIMBY)


Calumet Is My Back Yard (CIMBY) works with over 700 9th-12th grade students from the South Side of Chicago and Northwest Indiana to improve natural sites and bring science lessons to life each school year. In this place-based, real-world environmental science program, each school sponsors a specific local natural area in the Calumet Region. Students participate in a variety of activities throughout the fall, winter, and spring, from ecological restoration to classroom lessons and leadership training.

CIMBY is a joint program of Chicago Public Schools' Civic Engagement and Service Learning Initiative and The Field Museum's Science Action Center and its Youth Conservation Action work (formerly called Calumet Environmental Education Program). Since 1999, CIMBY has engaged Calumet-area high school students and teachers in long-term efforts to care for and learn about the Calumet region's natural areas. 

CIMBY activities help students build leadership and scientific skills, while helping them develop meaningful relationships with nature. As part of CSI, CIMBY works to instill a stewardship ethic in today’s young adults. CPS and The Field Museum hope that more and more CIMBY students will go on to pursue careers in the environment, and that all of them will continue to be lifelong stewards and advocates for the environment.

Samantha Ozik, Service Learning Initiative - Environmental Programs Chicago Public Schools                   

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