Calumet Stewardship Initiative

Calumet Heritage Partnership

The Calumet Heritage Partnership (CHP) is a diverse, bi-state partnership of environmental, cultural and historical organizations and individuals, libraries, educational institutions, municipalities, and governmental agencies.  Each partner is committed to celebrating, preserving and protecting the unique cultural and natural heritage of the Calumet region. The partnership grew out of a 1998 National Park Service special resource study that highlighted the area’s nationally significant natural and cultural resources. Since 1999, CHP has mounted an Annual Calumet Heritage Conference each fall that shines a light on these resources through distinguished speakers and innovative field trips. The CHP has also collected a trove of artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the steel industry, especially on Chicago’s southeast side.

CHP and CSI complement each other very well. CHP’s interest in cultural heritage fits hand in glove with CSI’s stewardship work. Both organizations span the Illinois – Indiana border with bi-state boards and programming. Both are all-volunteer organizations. As such, the comprehensive calendar of regional events that CSI prepares is a great way for CHP to market its program.

In turn, the annual CHP’s Calumet Heritage Conference provides a framework and thematic underpinning to the understanding of the region. Recent conferences have focused on Steel; Planning; Beyond Artifacts; Transportation; Regionalism; Cultural Diversity; Satellite Cities; and Heritage Area Planning.

You can find out more about CHP at its website:; on Facebook; or at its new blog,

Contact Information:  Mark Bouman at [email protected].

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