Calumet Stewardship Initiative

Association for the Wolf Lake Initiative (AWLI)

The Association for the Wolf Lake Initiative (AWLI) is a working consortium of groups from Illinois and Indiana communities around Wolf Lake, individual users of the lake, educators, researchers, and academics. Since its formation in 1999, AWLI has been working to improve, protect, and enhance Wolf Lake and its surrounding natural areas. To achieve this vision, AWLI holds meetings and events with local stakeholders to resolve bi-state issues, promote the recreational and educational values of Wolf Lake, and advocate for natural area improvement throughout the Calumet region. Throughout the year, AWLI also sponsors poster and essay contests to enrich learning and instill a stewardship ethic in the region’s youth.

CSI is a key AWLI partner in the planning and promotion of programming. Each year AWLI sponsors a number of fairs and festivals that celebrate Wolf Lake and the surrounding natural areas and draw participants from the CSI network. The Wind and Water Festival gives participants a chance to experience a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as canoeing, kite flying, and windsurfing. The Active Living Fair promotes fitness, nutrition, and outdoor recreation by hosting a donation-based farmer’s market, conducting free health screenings, and leading bike tours. The Winter Wonderland Fair showcases the offerings of Wolf Lake through demonstrations, exhibits, and lectures. The Greening of the Arts Gallery Tour, Reception & Show celebrates the connection of art and nature through works that use recycled materials or that focus on nature and the environment.

As part of CSI, AWLI works to raise environmental awareness through educational programs and cultural understanding. AWLI volunteers participate in restoration projects, monitor local plant and wildlife communities, and help coordinate CSI sponsored events. AWLI is an active participant in growing, promoting, and shaping the goals of CSI.

Contact Information: Michael Boos (219) 933-7149 or (312) 220-0120 or via email at [email protected]org.

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